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Wall of War – Mobile videogames

To fight coronavirus is our goal, everyone´s goal. For that, Kometasoft SL provides a grain of sand promoting entertainment, therefore we have accelerated our 2020 star project, our mobile video game Wall of War.

We are all suffering the confinement, waiting for the contagious curve begin to descend and in order to achieve it we already know the best formula: #stayathome.

Before explaining what our Wall of War game is about, we would like to give our support to all families that are going through a hard time because of COVID-19 (#Covid19). Kometasoft wishes you to stay stong!

Now let’s move on and talk about Wall of War.

Strategically we had planned to launch our WoW mobile video game on Christmas, but we are currently working hard to publish it at the end of May. We hope that by then most of people can go back to their normal life, but if that´s not the case, we hope to be the new sap that will allow us to resist longer.

Wall of War is a project that began in early 2019. A game exclusively planned for the player satisfaction. The gameplay, entertainment and a game time adjusted to the current pace of life are the goals set at the start of the project.

WoW is a pure action game. Our main function is to eliminate the opponent in 3 rounds of 30 seconds each. At the beginning of each round, before starting our particular war, a great wall separates us and … there the game begins. I would like to tell you something more, but you will have to experience that while playing. The only thing I can tell you is that you will be surprised, you will laugh and furthermore you will want to repeat.

Dozens of characters, weapons, potions and maps, makes Wall of War a very playable game with no same experience every time you play.

Although in our first release we only have the action mode, we are already working and developing a strategy-based game mode. We have thought of something like a «night mode», when the day is over and you want to relax you can choose this mode and continue enjoying your favorite character.

And after so many words, it is time to advance an image.

mobile video game Wall of War.
WoW is a pure action game. The best game is comming

Look how the main menu looks, with our beloved Tamy Waterhouse!

Well so far the most skeptical will think: It is just one more video game, I am not surprised at all. Well for them and for everyone else, here goes our bomb! Playing Wall of War will allow you to win real prizes that will be sent to your house.

To win you will have to play and be the best. But you will never be off the hook, our ranking system thinks about all type of players.

Soon we will start our beta phase, if you want to participate as a tester do not hesitate to write us to contacto@kometasoft.com.

From the Kometasoft SL team we wish you a happy and enjoyable lock down hoping that this situation ends soon (#everythingsgonnabeokay , #istayathome).