Mobile application development

Thinking about that 99.6% of the smartphones in the world are Android or iPhone, we can focus our efforts on developing native applications only on these two platforms and obviating the rest.
Kometasoft has been developing mobile applications on both platforms since 2010. Each platform has its own programming language so they are independent projects. We can compare this situation to gasoline cars and diesel cars. Although they are the same the gasoline engine and diesel are totally different.
It is true that there are multiplatform solutions (the same code for both platforms), but they are detrimental to the quality offered by Apple and Android. If what we are looking for is quality we always recommend developing native applications.

Main benefits:

  • Your company running 24 hours
  • Address consumers, customers, professionals or investors
  • Presence, notoriety and brand strengthening
  • Broad dissemination of your content
  • Find new customers and retain old customers
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